Wednesday, June 06, 2007

EBBP: A Sweet & Scented Parcel from Meeta

I've taken part of the European Blogging By Post twice before. My first gift parcel in August 2005 was from Johanna of The Passionate Cook, who has since become a very good friend (and her cantucci with almonds & pink peppercorns have become a regular treat). My second parcel came all the way from Athens, from Shalimar of Wanderlust Sha, and contained some of the best ever λουκούμι or 'Turkish Delight' I've ever had a chance to try. Somehow I missed the next three rounds, but considering all the moving and travelling I've done, I'm not too surprised actually.

We've already reached the seventh round of EBBP. Johanna is hosting this time, and we were asked to include something related to our childhood sweets in the parcel. Just days after I had sent off my parcel to a foodblogger somewhere in Europe, I got a notice from the post office to pick up a parcel from ---- Germany!

This time I got a very sweet and very scented parcel from Meeta of What's For Lunch, Honey?, which I've been thoroughly enjoying and consuming over the last few days. I must apologise in advance, that some of the chocolates didn't make it to the photo, as some naughty sociologist ate them all in her office. In one go - how dare she!?!?

Anyway - the parcel contained some lovely food-scented candles - two red strawberry ones and two purple blackberry ones. Then there were some of Meeta's favourite chocolates reminiscent of her childhood - Mars, Bounty, Twix, Snickers and Milky Way, as well as a bar of Toblerone (which, as I've mentioned before, makes a lovely chocolate sauce together with cream and butter). The latter is also Meeta's real favourite from the lot. Additionally there was a packet of Original Halloren Kugeln with Waldfrucht-Joghurt in Vollmilch-Schokolade (alias chocolates with forrest berry & yogurt filling). There's a reason why I've taken a picture of the box rather than chocolates :)

Thank you, Meeta, for sharing your childhood sweets with me!

PS I'm posting this from Edinburgh, where I've got very erradic access to email & internet. I apologise for not responding to any of your comments until next week.

UPDATE: 08.06.2007: My EBBP parcel went to Dagmar in Stockholm, Sweden - you can read what she thought of it here (as well as see some really cute photos).


K and S said...

what a cool event!

Meeta K. Wolff said...

Oh Pille!! So glad you liked the box. I was really happy to have had you as my Parcel Partner!!

Anonymous said...

That toblerone has my name on it! yummy =D

Anonymous said...

What an wonderful package to receive! Very cool!

Pille, I love your new banner!


Kalyn Denny said...

It's off topic here, but I'm too lazy to find the right post. I just wanted to say congrats on DMBLGIT. It was such a charming photo!! Nice job.

Jeanne said...

Looks like a fab parcel - and we fully understand about the naughty sociologist ;-)

Love the new banner btw!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

What a pleasure it must be to receive such lovely food parcels (instead of more bills).

I also wanted to say congratulations on DMBGLIT! My husband was looking with me, and commented on the stunning colors your photo!

Pille said...

K&S - indeed - it was my third time to take part, and it's always fun!

Meeta - thank you again for putting together a chocoholic's dream parcel!

Sandi - I'm quite partial to Toblerone myself every now and then..

Paz - the parcel was lovely indeed, and I'm glad to hear that you approve the new banner:)

Kalyn - thank you!

Jeanne - the banner is great, isn't it! I'm so pleased Ximena agreed to do one for me. (PS That naughty sociologist is a real chocoholic!)

Susan - a nice change from bills indeed! Thank you for your sweet words about the DMBLGIT category award - it was my first time to take part, and the win was totally unexpected!