Sunday, January 15, 2006

European Blogging By Mail 3: A tasty parcel from Greece

I really enjoyed participating in the first round of European Blogging By Mail back in August, when I got a wonderful parcel from Johanna of The Passionate Cook. This time I got a lovely parcel full of various culinary goodies from Shalimar of Wanderlust: for the love of food & travel. Sha - who is originally from the Philippines, but lives in Greece - has described the contents of the parcel on her blog in great detail, so I’ll be brief here.

On the left there are 3 bags of various flavoured teas – one of them with chocolate bits!!! I tried the green tea with cinnamon and orange and it was really fragrant and soothing.

On the top right there's a packet of instant beef-flavoured soup. I'm a bit wary of this one as it says "Spicy" on the packet. I'm a bit worried whether I can stand the heat. I'll let you know.

Also on the right is a bar of Nestle chocolate and a selection of various mini chocolates (the green ones with nuts were first to disappear!)

The Tupperware box contains some coconut macaroons and really tasty cookies – I will be scanning Sha's blog for the recipe!

A bag of walnuts and two plastic bags with flour-vanilla-baking powder that were to be used with Sha's recipe for crispy chocolate brownies. And that's what I did. The recipe was easy to follow and resulted in a yummy tray of gooey-nutty chocolate brownies. Sha says that it's one of her favourite comfort foods, and these were very comforting indeed on a chilly Scottish weekend.

Efharisto, dear Shalimar!

Check out Johanna's roundup of the EBBP3. My own comforting foodie parcel went to Fini of Cocinalia in Spain.


sha said...

you are welcome pile.
Hope the extra one arrives on time too!
lovely brownies...;-)
dont worry its not too spicy it will certainly shoo the cold feeling away.

Pille said...

Hi Sha - the brownies were very nice indeed! I'm glad you're saying the instant soup isn't too spicy, I was a bit worried. Few years ago I used to share a kitchen with 10 international students, including a girl from Thailand. For our regular kitchen dinners, she once made a special dish from home, but super-super-super mild for the European palates. According to her, that is. The only other person who could stand the heat was a girl from Taiwan:) Somehow I thought that Philippine food is as spicy as some of the other cuisines in that faraway part of the world..
PS Will email you as soon as the part 2 arrives!

sha said...

Filipino cuisine is partly influenced by Spain...

Pille said...

Sha - I must admit I didn't know that. But I'll be visiting your blog frequently to learn more about your cuisine!