Friday, January 27, 2006

Sugar (not) High Friday #15 (I tried...)

This time the Sugar High Friday is hosted by Becks&Posh, and they've decided to replace the 'high' with 'low'. The task:
is to make a delicious, mouthwatering dessert whilst being a lot more frugal than usual with the fat and the sugar. In fact, try not to use processed sugar at all.

Hmmm. Got that? No processed sugar whatsoever. However, more 'natural sugars', like honey, syrup, sugary fruit etc were allowed.

Inspiration struck me about a week ago on Glasgow-Edinburgh train when I was flipping through the pages of the January issue of Waitrose Food Illustrated. On page 11 it states that
The parsnip's season is November to January, so this is the last chance to get them at their best. Winter frosts will also have intensified their already marked sweetness; in days gone by, this root was used instead of sugar in cakes.

Voila! I like carrot cakes a lot, and if parsnip was used instead of sugar in the old days, I could try to make a parsnip cake which is like carrot cake, but without sugar. I also had a packet of sucrose free ginger (Buderim Ginger from Australia) in my cupboard, and I thought that ginger should work quite well with parsnip. I checked out some of my carrot cake recipes, and eventually decided to make parsnip, ginger and hazelnut tray bake.

Well. It wasn't bad. If I'd be served this, I'd happily finish the piece. But it wasn't blogging-worthily good either, verging on the bland, so I'll keep the recipe to myself this time. It was much nicer on the morning after, when the ginger had had time to depart some of its gingery goodness into the rest of the cake (that ginger was actually delicious on its own as well, I hadn't tried this particular type of ginger previously).

But, to be truly honest, I should have just made the sugar-free Luscious Apple Cake recipe from the very same Waitrose magazine..

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Alanna said...

Too bad! But I think you still definitely deserve A Veggie Venture kind of "great try and better luck next time" pat on the back!

Sam said...

I am glad I am not the only one who feels let down by their experiment - but hey - it was good to play right? you are right aboutt he apple cake though - maybe I will give that one a try. it looks rather yumptious.

relly59 said...

Drop by to say "Fit like" is it correct? I have cooked yesterday mini tart out of just mashed banana and nuts. But did'nt know about weekly events until yesterday afternoon.

sha said...

i did something very greek
you will love it bec of the spices

try again .. get up .. and soon share the recipe with us!

J said...

hi pille, sounded like a great idea on paper; still...there's always next time!

Anne said...

Oooh, I was very much thinking about that apple cake myself, it seemed so convenient!! :) This was much more inventive though, sorry it didn't quite work out.

Niki said...

That apple cake sounds great! You should give it a go anyway.
Buderim ginger is pretty big over here in a real "Aussie pride" kind of way.:-) My grandmother lives half the year in Buderim and has always loved ginger so she's in heaven. I have to say I'm not such a fan of the big chunks of crystallised gigner they make. I prefer my sugared ginger to be in thin slices, like I discovered it in Japan recently.

Pille said...

AK - indeed. Thanks for tha pat on the back!

Sam - I did enjoy the challenge, even if it didn't really work. I'll probably try the apple cake, too, to see if this sugarless thing is possible..

Relly - I couldn't find your post about the mashed banana and nuts:( Sounds intriguing - let me know when you're sharing the recipe!

Sha - I loved your quince dish!

J - that's what I thought, but sadly no:)

Thanks for your kind words, Anne. We must try that apple cake soon. And I liked your biscotti!

Niki - I'm not so keen on ginger, but I really liked that Buderim version! I ate most of the ginger-rich pieces of the cake with my friend - I guess it disguised the sugarfree blandness of the cake very well:) Though I must admit I chopped it up a bit - I'm afraid the big chunks would have been a bit too much indeed..