Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A tasty tomato and goat’s cheese mouthful

This is yet another tasty vegetarian recipe from Swedish-Italian Ilva of Lucullian Delights. I used mini plum tomatoes and for the topping a Maltese unpasteurised goat’s cheese ('Gozo Cheeselets' from Camel Brand, a gift from a visitor from Malta a few months ago), some oil-cured black olives, and dried rosemary and oregano. I mixed the ingredients and spread the mush over halved tomatoes (I sprinkled tomatoes with some black pepper first) and grilled in the oven until the cheese mixture melted slightly.

These were lovely with some Estonian rye bread for a light supper. Very nice. Tack, Ilva!

Tomati-kitsejuustusuupistete retsept


paz said...

Oh, yum! This recipe is on my list. Yours looks absolutely delicious.


FreeQ said...

Yes, that's a very good, tasty and healthy treat that we Maltese like it very much.
Also you can use the same mixture and spread it on small pieces of bread, then bake them a littl to make exquisite bruschettas, which are like small 2-bites pizzas.

Kalyn said...

Hey, thanks for linking to me. I'm honored. I added a link for you too.

Clivia said...

What a great way to use tomatoes, they can sometimes feel a little boring in winter but baking them with yummy fillings is a good trick!
I don´t know how it happened, but one minute I was just visiting an online bookshop to check the prize on Nigella´s books and next minute I had ordered a copy of Feast (but in Swedish). In the poor month of January. Oops. But it cost only 179 SEK and the weather is really lousy...

sha said...

tack too in estonia?
takk in norway ;-)

Pille said...

Paz - delicious and easy - perfect combination, isn't it?

Freeq - thanks for the tip for using the same mixture to make delicious bruschettas, I'll definitely try it.

Kalyn - you're welcome.

Clivia - this certainly boosted the flavour of the tomatoes, so a good tip for using slightly under-ripe tomatoes off-season (thou the ones I got were rather tasty on their own).
I'm looking forward to reading how you like Nigella's Feast!

Shalimar - nope, 'thanks' in Estonian is 'tänan väga'. But Ilva is Swedish, and I speak some Scandinavian (i.e. Danish with a Swedish accent), so I was showing off my language skills here:)

briangrech said...

I like cooking that in summer generally! in winter prefer using the 'mix' on baguettes or other breads - then grill them (as done with bruschettas)

Pille said...

Thanks for the tip, Brian - I might try this as a bruschetta!