Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rye bread canapés with wild mushroom 'Caviar' and soft-boiled quail eggs

We went to one last mushroom forageing trip on Saturday, and got a large basket of mushrooms. Sadly, the season is now over - night frosts are here, and frost-bitten wild mushrooms aren't as nice. From the season's last saffron milkcaps, chantarelles and various porcini mushrooms I made these small rye bread canapés for a dinner with friends on Sunday night.


Rye bread canapés with wild mushroom 'Caviar' and soft-boiled quail eggs

finely chopped wild mushrooms (preferably picked by yourself, then cleaned and sautéed with a little butter)
a small minced onion
some lemon juice
fresh dill
salt and pepper.
quails' eggs

Fry the rye bread slices in butter on both sides, cool a little.
Cover with mushroom 'caviar' and top with a soft-boiled (1 minute) quail egg.


tanita✿davis said...

If that if the sociology gig doesn't work out, your next career could be working as a caterer! As always, your appetizers look fabulous.

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

That is the perfect spot for the quail egg! Love mushrooms. This looks really wonderful.

K and S said...

this looks really delicious! you always come up with interesting combinations :)

Anonymous said...

I love mushrooms. You are so very fortunate to be able to pick your own. Alas, many of us get them from the market.

Angelina said...

I knew I should be keeping quails! Where do you find them?

I would like to eat that for breakfast this morning even though it looks like an appetizer.

Gloria Baker said...

Looks Deliious Nami Nami, how all your recipes... Gloria

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Your quail eggs look so perky! Beautiful, and definitely something I want to try.

Pille said...

TadMack - thank you for your encouragement:)

Tanna - quail eggs are so cute, they make pretty much any dish prettier!

K&S - thank you! I'm trying, you know:)

Anon. - yes, it's a pleasure to hunt for your own mushrooms.

Angelina - I buy my quail eggs from a regular supermarket - there are few quail farms in Estonia, I believe, so they're quite easy to source.

Gloria - how sweet of you to say that..

Lydia - they are pretty, aren't they!