Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Book project No 2: Christmas at Home (Jõulud kodus)

Remember my first cookbook, "Nami-Nami kokaraamat" and its launch party on December 1st almost a year ago? The cookbook has done well, I'm happy to say - and I'm already working on the third book. Yes, the third one, as despite giving birth to a second baby earlier this year (and thus having two kids under-3 crawling and running around in the kitchen) I also managed to work on my second cookbook. Or kind of cookbook. My dear publishers, Varrak, kindly asked me in late Spring if I could co-author a Christmas book with Irina Tammis - she'd write the section on Christmas crafts, and I'd write the festive recipes. I was thrilled to say yes and so it happened that I was baking gingerbread and roasting black pudding in the middle of the August heatwave this year :)

The book came out in the beginning of November - first as part of the Suur Eesti Raamatuklubi (the Large Estonian Book Club, where it is the star book of November), but is now available in most bookstores in Estonia. RRP is 15.90 EUR and, obviously, it makes a wonderful Christmas gift to your loved ones (if you speak Estonian, that is :))

Here's a list of Christmas recipes - I've provided links to relevant recipes in English here on the Nami-Nami foodblog - and some pictures as well. Note that all recipes were re-tested and (usually) re-photographed during the summer, so the edited recipe in the book is necessarily not exactly the same as here on the blog.

Lehttainarullid pohlamoosi ja verivorstiga
Christmas pork roast / Jõulupraad seakaelakarbonaadist
Christmas meatballs / Vürtsikad lihapallid
  • Small blue cheese and marmalade tartlets
  • Joulutortut aka Finnish Christmas stars
Finnish Christmas stars / Jõulutähed / Joulutortut
Inglise jõulukeeks / Inglise puuviljakeekseeks

Estonian Christmas cake with cream cheese frosting / Pehme piparkook toorjuustuglasuuriga

Eggnog / Jõululiköör / Munaliköör / Jõulujook

You can see the book advertisement on the publishers' website here. Of course, I'm happy to answer any questions about the cookbook and the recipes - and if there's a particular recipe that catches your idea, but isn't yet available in English on the blog, please let me know. The Christmas is just around the corner and I'd be happy to share the recipe!


Roxy said...

We want a bilingual one, for all the dimwits who do not speak Estonian!

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

I'm in awe! I can't imagine how you find the time to do everything! Congratulations on the second book. Yes, English please for the next one?

Kaare said...

Sirvisin seda raamatut toidumessil - väga armas! Sa oled ikka supernaine. Ma ei saa ühe nelja-aastasegi kõrvalt omi asju tehtud :P Aga Sina muudkui üllatad.

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Anonymous said...

Pille I know now what I will be ordering from Estonia for my Christmas. Tubli oled! Dianne

Shea said...

I was wondering if you could help me find a recipe, if you do not mind. 2 years ago we ate at Ungary( a hungarian restaraunt at livilaii road, I know that is not spelled right, sorry) We ate a creamed spinach soup that was the best soup I have EVER had. My husband loved it too, and he does not care for spinach. Are you familiar with this soup, it is not on their online menu? I have a picture of the soup I can email you if it would help.

kitchen afternoon said...

What fun new ideas! Stay warm over there!

Pene said...

I picked up this book at Mardilaat to look at it, but didn't read the authors' names. Congratulations! I'd buy a copy but I have too many cookbooks, so it has to be really special for me to buy it.
Please post the Gingerbread Cheesecake recipe.

Sara said...

So impressive, I have two little ones too so I guess I can't use that as an excuse? ;-) This looks so lovely, and I enjoy seeing all your traditions. Those finnish Christmas stars really caught my eye.

Kärt said...

kui vahva saab see olla, et su kirh ka sinu kasuks töötab sellisel viisil. Super!

convert 2d to 3d said...

I love that chocolate cake. It sounds deliciously sweet and crunchy.

Pille said...

Roxy - that's why I've provided links to English recipes :)

Lydia - you're so kind :) There might be one book in the future that'll be bilingual, but until then, you need to follow the blog :)

Koopatibi - no Sina suutsid lapse kõrvalt kokakoolis põhjalikult käia, mina ei suutnud näiteks seda..

Dianne- suur-suur aitäh!

Shea - there's a Hungarian restaurant on Pärnu mnt (Kapten Tenkeš), but I'm not familiar with one on Liivalaia. Let me look into that...

Ouch, Pene :) I'll see about the gingebread cheesecake..

Sara, nope, you cannot. :D But I've been lucky with kids - they're both very lively and active, but can also spend time playing on their own, which I steal for blogging and cooking!

Kärt - aitäh!!

Katrina@TheGastronomicalMe said...

I'm gonna sound like your aunty now, but I'm so proud of you! so bloody well done!

w-a-n-t to have your books in english, here. palun:)