Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tasting notes: bortsch noodles?!

UK-based blogger Nathalie was recently intrigued about a Polish-Mexican Bistro in Mayfair, London, asking how multi-culti can you get. You must admit that Polish-Mexican fusion sounds, well, intriguing.

But what about this: bortsch flavoured instant noodles - barszcz czerwony - courtesy of my local Polish deli*:

Most interesting. Not comparable to the real (soup) thing, obviously, but as far as instant noodles go, it's no worse than the more common varieties.

Culinary multiculturalism rules?

*Bona Deli, 86 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh


Anonymous said...

Culinary multiculturalism rules, big time!


Anonymous said...

I don't think so. You need a gallon of the best LAPHROAIG to wash this down!

Anonymous said...

Really interesting :-)

Pille said...

Paz - I wonder what other interesting multiculti/multiculinary combinations can we think of:)

Roxy - well, not sure you want to precede a good whisky with fast food noodles in the first place, but you might be just right here..

Dagmar - yep, the Polish shop is full of interesting revelations. But I'm happy to live close to it, as it does stock lots of basic stuff (milk curd, rye bread, good sour cream etc)

MagicTofu said...

In Toronto, where I used to live, there was a Hungarian-Thai restaurant. Most of the dishes were emanating from a single culture but I remember reading about a few interesting combinations of flavours on the menu.

Pille said...

Hungarian-Thai restaurant!?!? That's even weirder than Polish-Mexican fusion!
I wonder what Zsofi thinks of that:)