Saturday, May 05, 2007

A lot of rhubarb, straight from the farm

May 1st is a day off here, and as the situation in Tallinn had been a bit tense for a few days, we decided to head out of town. It was a beautifully sunny, but really windy and chilly day, so a long hike in nearby forests wasn't in the cards. We wanted something warmer and more convenient :) K. had promised to visit his friend Endel for ages, so we finally paid a visit to his farm about 40 km from the capital. The farm grows carrots (a lot of them, and really tasty ones as well), but they also had a greenhouse full of rhubarb on the farm.

I have never seen so much rhubarb in my life, so naturally I went a bit grazy and left the greenhouse with a huge bunch or fat rosy stalks. I've already made some delicious cinnamon rhubarb muffins, and a gutsy rhubarb crumble with almonds. Last night K. poached some rhubarb in verjuice and spices and served it with a syllabub. Tomorrow I'll be making some rhubarb & ginger jam.

I leave you with a few pictures of me misbehaving in the rhubarb greenhouse. The guy in the picture is Endel, the farmer. You can see the individual pictures on my Flickr page.

Rhubarb recipes @ Nami-nami:
A creamy rhubarb pie (June 2005)
Moominmamma's rhubarb jam with ginger (May 2007)
Moist rhubarb muffins (May 2007)
Rhubarb crumble (May 2007)


dagmar said...

What a lucky girl you are, Pille!!!! So much rhubarb!!! :-)

Ivonne said...


What beautiful rhubarb! I cannot wait to see what you do with it!

mann said...

kui ilus suur rabarber! mul on nad aias umbestäpselt 7 cm pikad ja lahjakesed veel.

Zarah Maria said...

I so want to be you, Pille - lucky girl! (and glad to hear you're okay with all the hoo-ha going on in Talinn)

Mark said...

Mmm i love Rhubarb. If you have any left over, I made a wonderful rhubarb and rosemary tart-tatin with a glut we had last week.

It would work equally well as a pie or crumble.

Give it a go rosemary goes wonderfully with it

Pene said...

Wow, that is a lot of rhubarb, Pille! Please post the crumble recipe soon.

Thredahlia said...

Hehe, rabarberiparadiis. Ja mina siin rõõmustan paarikümnesentimeetriste varte üle :P Aga rabarber on nagu kevadine õun, eks - vähemalt minu jaoks, koogientusiasmiks ja inspiratsiooniks.

K & S said...

That is a LOT of rhubarb! Have fun with it. Looking forward to seeing your creations.

Pille said...

Dagmar - yes, I'm pretty lucky I guess. I hope to be able to collect some rhubarb from my own garden next year!

Ivonne - I already posted the recipe for rhubarb & ginger jam, and muffins and crumble will follow soon.

Mann - no need on kütmata kilekasvuhoonest pärit ja olid tõesti uhked. Ise korjaks vast veidi saledamaid rabarbrivarsi, aga kui tasuta sai, siis ... :)

Zarah Maria - we're ok, thank you. Shocked, granted, and still anxious about coming Wednesday. I guess I just need to eat a lot of rhubarb to calm my nerves:)

Mark - I would have never thought of rhubarb & rosemary, but will keep this combination in mind!

Pene - the crumble recipe is on its way!

Thredahlia - vaatepilt oli tõesti võimas! Kusjuures minu suureks nördimuseks müüvad kaubanduskeskused nt hoopis suht närtsinud moega hollandi rabarbrit.. Eelmisel nädalal nägin ühes poes küll ka Sagro oma, aga mujal oli kas hollandi omi või siis polnudki rabarbrit..

K&S - I must admit we got even more carrots, so we've got a LOT of rhubarb and a LOT of carrots to eat these days..