Thursday, May 10, 2007

Nami-Nami In Print: Petersham Nurseries @ Eesti Ekspress

Armsad Nami-nami blogi ja retseptikogu lugejad!
Kui keegi soovib lugeda mu mõtisklusi ja muljeid hiljutisest külaskäigust Petersham Nurseries restorani Londonis, siis ostke kindlasti tänane (ehk siis 10. mai 2007) Eesti Ekspress. Artikli leiate tagantpoolt lapates viiendalt leheküljelt.*

Sorry, this was in Estonian. I wanted to tell my dear Estonian readers that there's an article about my recent visit to Petersham Nurseries Cafe in London in today's Eesti Ekspress, a popular weekly newspaper. I'm yet to blog about my impressions of this fantastic restaurant, but you can read Johanna's review of our visit, as we had the pleasure of lunching there together. The article is a full-page spread, with three lovely pictures taken by K (you can see only one photo on the online version).
That was the first piece of paid food-writing I've done, so I'm very excited. More to come next week!

* Kärsitumad lugejad võivad piiluda ka siit, aga paberlehel on veel paar imeilusat pilti, nii et tasub ikka pärisleht endale muretseda :)

UPDATE 15.5.2007: You can now also read my blog post in English about my visit to Petersham Nurseries Cafe exactly a month ago.


Thredahlia said...

Palju õnne käpa valgeks saamise puhul!!! Lugu on ka armas.
Mina lähen täna sel aastal esimest ajalehte ostma :P

thepassionatecook said...

well done, you! i am so glad this made it to print and i hope there are many more to come!
if only i could read it ;-)

Freya and Paul said...

Congratulations! Nothing like the feeling of seeing your writing in print AND getting paid for it! As Johanna says, look forward to reading more (hopefully in British sometimes!)!

K & S said...

ooh, I just read about this restaurant in Delicious. magazine.
Sounds and looks like a great place!

Kalyn said...

Very cool. Now you're a "real" writer!

Pene said...

Congratulations, Pille!!

rachel said...

Fabulous... Congrats!

Mae said...

I'm not surprised Pille. It just shows how talented you are. Oh my! In PRINT! I'm so excited for you.

I too wish i could read it...

I'm sure there'll be more to come. Well done you!!!

Pille said...

Thredahlia - aitäh heade sõnade eest! Järgmisel nädalal jälle:)

Johanna - don't worry, I'll translate it to you next time we see.

Freya & Paul - it was a good feeling indeed! There are so many native English-speaking and/or British-based good food bloggers out there, so for a time being I'll restrick my literary attempts to Estonia:)

K&S - it was a wonderful restaurant, so different and so delicious!

Kalyn - don't know about that - it's just one-off (well, two-off) for now, so I don't think it makes me a 'real food writer' just yet:)

Pene & Rachel - thank you!

Mae - thank you, thank you! I'm pretty excited myself:) And there will be another article this week, this time about the Borough Market.