Friday, May 23, 2008

Pille goes to the USA

Photo by K. Not related to the blog post :)

I've been to the Americas before (Mexico in October 2005), but next Wednesday I'm flying over to the USA for the first time. I'll be in three different places, first at a conference in Bloomington, Indiana, then visiting the very lovely Alanna in St Louis, MO, and finally explore New York for a few days.

Here's the plan at the moment (post-conference, that is):

June 1st - food blog lunch with Christine and Alanna in Bloomingon, then drive to St Louis

June 2nd - a St Louis food blogger party @ Alanna's place

June 4th - arrive in New York

June 5th - food blogger potluck dinner in New York (very kindly organised by Danielle of Habeas Brulee)

June 8th - Sunday brunch with my friends Priit & Pirjo in East Village

June 9th - fly back to Tallinn

I'm hoping to visit moma, do some food & clothes shopping (thanks, David, for your food-shopping tips!), see a good stand-up comedy show (any ideas/volunteers?), and plenty more. But if there's any other Nami-nami readers out there who fancy a cup of coffee, or a cocktail a la Sex and the City, or a pastrami sandwich at Katz Delicatessen or perhaps a Krispy Creme doughnut or even breakfast at Tiffany's, let me know. I'm travelling alone this time, and whereas I can handle a cup of coffee in my own company and a good paper, then seeing a stand up comedy on my own wouldn't be as much fun :)

Oh, and where do I get the best bagels??

And are there any other New York must-haves that this foodblogger in her early 30s absolutely MUST see?


ChichaJo said...

How fun! Have a blast! :)

Nupur said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you in St. Louis, Pille :)

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

The best bagels in New York are at H&H on Broadway (upper west side). Enjoy your USA visit!

Anonymous said...

New York's best donuts are from the Doughnut Plant on the Lower East Side:

Next door is another NY institution, Kossar's Bialys:

(Vaata ka Wikipedia)
Head reisu ja head isu!

Alanna @ A Veggie Venture said...

Counting the days!

Kalyn said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, and you will just adore Alanna (and Nupur too!) Have fun!

Kristopher said...

I won't argue with anonymous. I'm so glad not to hear Ess-A-Bagel for the 99th time. But David's Bagels (maybe it was 14th and Ave A, before Stuy-town, if I remember correctly?) was great, in my opinion.

I loved all of the little East Village places in the 1990s. Places you could go and have a mission burrito for $6, falafel for $2. It was a good proletarian city for eaters. All more expensive now, just like fare tokens and pizza, probably.

Judith said...

The bagel argument is ongoing, but I STRONGLY recommend, and many others prefer (okay, most of us Jewish) Barney Greengrass on the Upper West Side. If you're travelling by subway, take the 1 or the 9 to 86th St, then walk east. You'll see it across an intersection to your left, I think it's Columbus but it could be Amsterdam. Anyway, it's easy to see. There's a big sign that says Barney Greengrass and "The Sturgeon King!" I really recommend something called a beali, as well, which is like a softer bagel and definitely unique.

Jeanne said...

Oooh, I'm so jealous! You are going to have a total ball. My top tip for eating would be the divine pizzas at Luzzo's Coal Oven Pizza:

And this post contains links to all my reviews of New York:

For food shopping/gawking, you can't beat Dean & Deluca, and for cheap designer clothes & accessories, head for Century 21 near Ground Zero.


Chloe said...

Great news Pille! What fun. Eat a bagel for me okay? x

h said...

Ditto on the Century 21 for clothes, and Macys etc are having big sales so that should be fun. On non-food related experiences: if you're downtown (and to go to Century you have to be), go to South Street Seaport and go to the 2nd or 3rd floor for an amazing view of the Brooklyn Bridge. Also, instead of the Empire state, try Top of the Rock (google it), book your ticket on internet and you do not have to wait in line. Go at night, the view is breathtaking.

PS! Thanks for the recommendations on Estonian cookbooks. mom brought over several.

Lola said...

Hi Pille, long time lurker (from NY) here :)
I second H&H bagels and Doughnut Plant and the next door Kossar (you have to try a bialy, and while the doughnat will beg to be eaten hot and on the spot, the bialy will wait patiently). I also second South Street Seaport for the views but there's nothing notable food-wise in the area.
Do try the Shake Shack (despite the controversy of long lines it can be manageable) and I have a very strong feeling that you would love their (mu)Shroom burger and you HAVE to try the frozen custard.
Other than that, between shopping, museums and get-togethers with friends (and eating, of course) I don't think you'll have time for much else. So I'd say... just walk around (or sit on a bench if your feet hurt) and take in the life of the city.

I offer myself as a guide/company in the evenings just that I'm not much of a bar-scene person. Other than that, it would be my pleasure to meet you.

Rachael said...

What fun!
If I were going to Bloomington (Bloomington? Why there?) I would beeline for this place The Chile Woman. I bet it would be really fun, and she seems like a doll. (Plus - BONUS - there are a few links on her site for things to do in the area.)

For foodie shopping in NYC, you could try to get to
Kitchen Arts and Letters

Dean and DeLuca or Gourmet Garage.

Have an excellent trip!

Wendy said...

How exciting! New York is one of my favourite places. There's just so much going on! It's been 10 years since I was there so I can't remember offhand the names of any of the places we ate in and loved.
Will say that I was blown away by the view from the top of the Empire State Building. Highly recommend doing that!

MyKitchenInHalfCups said...

Well, I only wish I could be in one or two of those places when you are. Have the most terrific time ever!

Anne said...

Oh, have a great trip! :)

ScienceMel said...

Hi Pille,
Have an absolutely fabulous time! And don't forget those Manolas...

Anonymous said...

If you like and are able, e-mail me.


Karin said...

welcome to the big apple, Pille!
here are few more recommendations, my absolute favourites in east village and lower east side:

strawberry mascarpone filled french toast at Grape and Grain on 6th street btw avenues B & C with Sunday New York Times:) I also love brunch at Shopsin‘s at Essex market (120 Essex). Try Blisters on your sister!
And of course, late night margarita with fish tacos at Barrio Chino's on 253 Broome st.
PS1. bagels at Russ & Daughters on East Houston
PS2. Category 5 Caramel rice pudding at Rice to Riches on Spring street

head isu!

Eva said...

Jah, neid H & H Bagelseid paluti ka minul spetsiaalselt Eestisse tuua kui ma NYC-is käisin.

dancing kitchen said...

Bloomington is an excellent place to visit in Indiana. It's a pretty town with friendly people and it has a very good energy (the Dalai Lama visits often). It is a university town and the campus is fun to explore. Oliver winery is just a few minutes away, and I go for the peaceful ambiance and delight in nature more than for the tasty wine. I always grab a sandwich at the Bloomington Sandwich Co. on the square. Fabulous bread and the nicest owner. I wish you safe travels!

Anonymous said...

Hot dogs with kraut at Papaya King! I'm only a little livid with jealousy!

Hyvää matkaa!