Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Colorful Quinoa Salad with Coriander and Lime

Quinoa salad / Värvikirev kinoasalat

I know, I know - it hasn't even been a fortnight since I posted a recipe for a colourful quinoa salad! But trust me, this one is quite different from the quinoa-with-lobster tails-and-avocado. Yes, the quinoa and the bright colours are still here, but today's salad is vegetarian (vegan, actually, as well as gluten-free and lactose-free), and tastes just as delicious, so it's also worth sharing.

This particular salad is based on a 2005 recipe from BBC Good Food. Although there aren't many components, the lime and coriander/cilantro leaves give this one plenty of flavour, so it all but a bland salad. Definitely worth trying, if you're looking for a ways to introduce the healthy quinoa to your table.

Colourful Quinoa Salad
(Värvikirev kinoasalat laimi ja koriandriga)
Serves 6

a cup of quinoa seeds (about 200 g)
2 cups of vegetable stock (500 ml)
2 roasted red peppers (from a jar is fine), sliced
3 Tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
3 scallions/spring onions, sliced
one lime, juiced and zested
a handful of fresh coriander/cilantro, chopped

Rinse the quinoa under cold running water, using a fine mesh sieve (this is an important step, as otherwise the quinoa can be bitter). Drain.
Place the quinoa and stock (or water and Marigold bouillon powder) in a saucepan. Season with salt, then bring to the boil and simmer on medium heat for 15-20 minutes, until quinoa is soft and the water has evaporated.
Stir in the oil and the lime juice. Place the quinoa into a large serving bowl. Let it cool a little, then, using your forks, stir until fluffy.
Fold in the rest of the ingredients, season and serve.


Ed Schenk said...

Beautiful salad and very healthy.

pity said...

i love quinoa, the incas werent wrong about it! its so healthy and delicious, well done, cheers from london

catty said...

I have no idea what quinoa are but... do they look like tiny miniature little condoms?? SORRY if this blog is g-rated hahaha but that was just what I thought when I saw them! I'm sure it's very very delicious though! ;)

Omenaminttu said...

Mmm, looks good and I'm sure is tasting good too. Have to try!

Kat said...

mmm väga mõnus. peaks ka proovima salatit teha, olen just oma ema abiga quinoa avastanud ja mini-mele hommikusöögiks söötnud :D

Dan said...

Hey this recipe sounds really delicous. I will try this tomorrow.

Dan - appreciator of chicken recipes

ChineseKite said...

this looks so pretty and health. I am going to make it tonight. Will let you know how it turned out.

PAC said...

Made this yesterday and it came out great! I added cucumber to it as well. Glad I found your recipe! Thanks!