Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Showing some link love

I thought I'd share some blog links that are related to Estonia and/or Estonian food.

Elderflower cordial
Elderflower cordial by Zapxpxau

Elisa is one of the most talented food photographers here in Estonia, and some of you may already follow her Flickr photo stream. She recently - and finally! - launched her own food blog, written in English. Elisa is lives and cooks and takes most of her pictures on Saaremaa, the biggest island in Estonia. While her featured recipes aren't necessarily particularly Estonian - I always get a strong Mediterranean vibe from her blog, then her food pictures are dreamy and utterly beautiful and definitely worth subscribing to.

Katrina with a plate of kama and mascarpone bonbons in her London courtyard

Katrina Kollegaeva is a Russian-Estonian girl, who grew up in Tallinn, but now resides and blogs in the Big Old Smoke aka London. I met Katrina last summer in Tallinn, and have been following her food blog ever since. Her blog, The Gastronomical Me, features lots of Russo-Soviet dishes, and she cooked several of my recipes for her recent Midsummer Baltic Brunch - incl. my kama and mascarpone truffles and caramelised rye bread and condensed milk ice cream.

Estonian rye bread @ Kristina Lupp's blog

Kristina Lupp is an Toronto native with Estonian background, who studies gastronomy at the University of Adelaide (yep, down under!). She's currently living in Tallinn though, researching the effects of the Soviet occupation on Estonia's cuisine. Her eponymous blog cannot boast a huge number of posts, but there are some interesting musings on the topic of Estonian food.

If you are a Facebook user, then you can check out Estonian Cooking and Eating group - it's mainly run by expat and second-and third-generation Estonians in the US and Canada, so it's in English.

If there's an English-language food blog or site out there, that I've missed, then let me know!

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