Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The January 2005 issue of delicious.magazine has a section on gastrology, where ‘top astrologer Shelley von Strunckel explains how star signs influence your tastes and cooking style’.

My entry states:

Taureans are all about delicate colours, fresh scents and the glowing light of an early spring day. They’re sensual and adore luxury but retain the practicality of a sensible Earth sign. They love the good life and most feel good food is a big part of that: rich cream, fine meats, aromatic spices and, most of all, sweets.
Classic French cuisine – with its complex sauces, extravagant desserts and elegant presentation – is pure Taurus. They also obtain exactly the right ingredients, know and adore fine wines, have the best in kitchen equipment and know how to use it – many may have done cookery courses.
Although Taureans devise delicious menus, a large proportion have a particular resistance to trying anything unfamiliar, and this particularly applies to Taurean children. Still, even the pickiest buckle when faced with a luscious pudding, particularly if it’s rich in chocolate.
Circumstances will force most Taureans to broaden their gastronomic world in 2005 – possibly through travel for business, a friendship that brings new flavours or even health concerns. It’s a rare Taurean who embraces change with gusto but, once interested, they’ll become enthusiasts.
Key flavours: sensual, sweet, flavourful
Traditional herbs and aromas: sorrel, rose, sandalwood

There are couple of things to say about this ‘gastrological’ statement, but not now. I'll be back.

Meanwhile, I know there are some other Taurean foodbloggers out there who might want to comment:)


Anonymous said...

that's pretty interesting, have any of the predictions come true for you? i mean, i know you expanded you cake horizons recently, and i guess the blog itself has pretty significantly broadened your 'gastronomic world'! manuel's a taurus too, so i'll have to read it to him and see if he agrees. do they say anything interesting about libras? :)

Pille said...

Will let you know about Libras soon:)
I must admit that many of the statements ring true - but then, don't all horoscopes usually do? I will probably refer back to this entry in my future blogs. And you're right, foodblogging itself has broadened my gastronomic world considerably already.
PS Let me know what Manuel thinks of his star sign statement. And it would also be interesting to hear from Tara the Taurean @ Seven Spoons:)

Pille said...

Hi Melissa - I've just emailed you the gastrological entry for Librans.
Anyone else interested in their culinary horoscope? Just let me know - I'm happy to type and post it to you:)

Anonymous said...

Did you check out what your 'gastrology' prediction was for 2006?
What does it say for Virgo?