Monday, July 25, 2005

Green bounty

I acquired a very-very green catch at Edinburgh Farmers Market last Saturday. Not sure how or why, but while unpacking my shopping I realised that pretty much everything I had bought was green - with the exception of some blackcurrants. I'm not complaining though, and I am happily trying to eat myself through this fresh produce.

On Saturday evening I threw couple of handfuls of onion greens into egg fried rice (leftovers from Friday night's salmon and rice meal).

On Sunday night I stuffed the courgettes - both the more usual oblong ones and the cute courgette canonballs (partly pre-baking the latter) - with slowly simmered beef steak mince and tomato sauce, using a recipe for paputsakia stuffing from Susanna Hoffman's The Olive and the Caper: Adventures in Greek Cooking - much to the delight and firm approval of my Greek sweetheart.

And I've eaten the cucumbers raw on their own - the crunchiness and flavour make you think how could you ever settle for the supermarket film-wrapped namesakes.

My mission tonight - something nice and light with those runner beans. I'm thinking slightly blanched beans á la Bolognese, i.e. with melted butter, chopped boiled eggs and loads of fresh parsley. Should be good.

Just hoping there are no side-effects from consuming so much green in such a short period:)


Amy said...

Thanks for coming by my blog because it let me find yours. I'd never heard of courgettes before I read this post. They sound delicious--too bad I can't get them here.

Pille said...

Welcome to my blog, Amy!
I'm sure you've heard of courgettes before - 'courgette' is simply British English for 'zucchini' (i.e. the latter is American English/Italian for 'courgette').
The round canonball shaped ones should/could be also called 'globe squash', 'globe zucchini' or 'Ronde de Nice', but they were all called courgettes at my local market. They're all summer squashes, so you can treat them similarly, though as I said, I prebaked the round ones in the oven for some 20 minutes beforehand, as the skin is a bit rougher. Equally yummy thou, and I really liked the shape!

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