Saturday, July 23, 2005

Salmon with a creamy orange sauce

Photos updated in January 2008

I had invited two Edinburgh-based Estonian friends - Maarika and Merilin - for dinner last night and I was craving fish. Luckily girls didn't mind fish. My usual 'casual dinner with friends' fish dish is an oriental salmon with honey, soya, mustard and ginger, but this time I was craving something far more subtle and more summery (not sure why, but honey-ginger combo seems a bit wintry to me?). And something that would be simple to make.

Michele of Oswego Tea mused recently about why it is good to eat rosemary (my memory fails me why exactly:) I remembered this thou when looking for a new way to spice up some nice salmon fillets I bought in the morning from my favourite fishmonger, Eddie's Seafood Market in Marchmont, Edinburgh. I finally chose this simple recipe for Apelsin- och rosmarinlax from the Swedish dairy conglomerate Arla.

Salmon with a creamy orange and rosemary sauce

It's incredibly simple to make and the result is delicious. Here's what you need to serve 4:

4 pieces of salmon fillets (ca 500 g)
1 tsp salt
pinch of black pepper
1 tsp chopped rosemary
2.5 dl single cream
2 Tbsp orange juice

Put fish fillets into an ovenproof dish, season with a mixture of salt, pepper and rosemary.

Let to marinate for half an hour or so, if you wish.

Mix the cream with orange juice and pour over the fish. Grill in a pre-heated 225˚C oven for 15 or so minutes, until fish is cooked and the creamy orange sauce has thickened a little.

I served it with boiled plain quinoa, seasoned with some butter and black pepper. That's all. Very easy and very tasty, especially with copius amounts of white wine:)


Joycelyn said...

hiya, thanks for including the recipe - can't wait to try it some time...cheers,j

Anonymous said...

That's really great, will definitely try it next time I will have visitors and would like to treat them to something Scottish.
Many thanks for the recipe.


Niki said...

Why it's good to eat because it's supposed to aid the memory. 'Rosemary for rememberance'. So, I had a real giggle at your line that you couldn't remember why it's good for you. :-)

Pille said...

J - you're welcome!

G - mmm - could I come along and try some? Better still, what about a pelmeny meal:)

Niki - well, "not remembering why rosemary was good" was intentional:) I did actually vaguely remember that it was good for remembering:))