Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A touch of Perestroika: Spagetti Gorbachov

I met my Russian friend Galina for lunch today, and we chose an Italian place called Ti Amo, as it was pretty much equal distance from our respective offices, and they do a lunch deal for less than six quid (two courses plus coffee). We had a really lovely asparagus soup to start with, and a reasonable chicken with mushrooms.

But what caught my eye was a dish called 'Spagetti Gorbachov' on their menu. It was otherwise similar to Pasta alla Vodka that I wrote about the other day, but it had smoked salmon in it, as well as a spoonful of caviar thrown in for an extra presidential touch, I guess.

Quite amusing. Pasta alla Vodka is tasty without caviar, but maybe I could try it with some caviar on a more festive occasion then..

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