Thursday, September 15, 2005

Orange-chocolate mousse

My sweetheart's favourite cake is chocolate-orange cake - and Nigella's simple and heavenly storecupboard chocolate orange cake is one of my staples here. However, I wasn't on a cakey mood last weekend, so I followed the Greek hob-to-table moussaka with chocolate orange mousse. Yummy.

Again, the original recipe comes from a Finnish website - this time from their biggest dairy producers, Valio. I did adjust it a little - replacing lemon juice and vanilla extract with orange juice, as well as using orange chocolate (well, I was trying to 'replace' a chocolate-orange cake here, remember:) I also slightly played with the amounts this time, upping the amount of cream cheese. Here's my version. Second time I made it, and still pleased with it.

Orange chocolate mousse
Serves 4.

150-200 grams of plain cream cheese (low fat is fine)
100 grams of dark chocolate (I used Tesco Finest with orange bits)
1 Tbsp of sugar
100 ml whipping cream
some freshly squeezed orange juice (0.5 - 1 fruit)

Cream the cream cheese with a mixer or a wooden spoon, season with orange juice (and a dash of Grand Marnier, perhaps?) .
Whip the double cream/whipping cream with sugar, fold into the cream cheese mixture.
Melt the chocolate (leave a small piece aside for garnish) in a microwave, cool a little and stir into the cream cheese mixture.
Put into small glasses. Grate some chocolate on top.
Put into the fridge until ready to serve.

NB! Strawberries go nicely with this!

Šokolaadivahu retsept


Clare Eats said...

This looks really yummmy Pille
When I have gotten over my choc overload I will give this ago :)

Paz said...

This looks good and easy! Pille, when you're in a cake mood, I'd like to see your Orange chocolae cake, too. ;-)


Shauna said...

These look wonderful, Pille. And I really like that tablecloth of yours!

joey said...

How yummy! To echo Paz, I'd love to see the cake too :) I remember Valio! Is the Valio site only in Finnish? Tried exploring, found the English site but all I could find were their cheese recipes...

angelika said...

Pille, my I echo Paz AND Joey ?
I love chocolate and I love orange, so I can never get enough...Hope the weekend for the 2 of you will last long...have a good time, angelika

J said...

hi pille, i've never made a chocolate mousse using cream cheese before, but this sounds really gorgeous...thanks for the recipe!

Thanasis said...

They were soooooooo yummy;)!

Pille said...

Clare - thanks! I don't know if 'getting over choc overload' is possible - I can never have enough!! But do give this simple mousse a try, should it ever happen:)

Paz - it is good & easy! And I will definitely share my choc&orange cake soon!

Shauna - thanks. The tablecloth is a present from a friend in Edinburgh (thanks, Kweku!!!), who bought it in Japan. I really like those teddy bears:)

Joey - the cake will follow! Re: Finnish recipes - I couldn't find any in English on Valio site either. But pay a visit to Finfood site - - they have quite a few recipes in English. Or just let me know if you want something specific - happy to translate them for you!

Angelika - looks like there's quite a demand for my (sorry, Nigella's) choc&orange cake. What can I do, I must obey and bake one asap:) Thanks for your good wishes!

Hi J - you're welcome! I really liked the slight tartness of cream cheese combined with the sweetness of chocolate. (Am still in awe about your yet another fabulous post!)

And Thanasis - I'm glad you liked the mousse. You get your cake next time:)

Anonymous said...

Pille, thank you for posting this!! I was in a mood for a decadent dessert, but wanted something quick and simple. This fitted the bill perfectly!! It is really delicious!! I'll be eating it with raspberries - yum!!