Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Something fishy: small tuna patties

I had the simplest supper last week - tuna patties, and very simple kind of tuna patties at that. For those moments when you need to a hot bite in a flash, but the fridge and kitchen cupboards aren't exactly full of food. If that sounds familiar, then here's what I did..

In order to make them, you drain a can of tuna chunks in sunflower oil, flake the tuna with a fork, add one egg and 2-3 tbsp plain flour.
Season with salt and pepper, and a sprinkle or two of your favourite herb seasoning.
Form into 6 small patties, slightly dust with flour and fry gently in oil (I used the drained sunflower oil) until golden brown.
Drizzle some lemon juice on top and garnish with dill.

Lovely in your lunch box sandwich on the following day.

Easy, isn't it?

Tuunikalakotlettide retsept


Kalyn said...

This really does sound and look delicious. I've made something similar with canned salmon, but never thought of trying it with tuna.

purplegirl said...

hi there! i guess we're really on the same wavelength (posting Something Fishy at the same day!) your tuna cakes looks yummy and easy enough to make! i;ll go make some this weekend!

J said...

hi pille, thanks for the fabulous idea!...sounds like exactly the sort of simple yet delicious supper to rustle up towards that time of the week when the fridge is bare...

Pille said...

Hi Kalyn - thanks! And it definitely is low-carb (you can reduce the amount flour of flour quite easily, I guess).

Purple Girl - indeed:))) Let me know what you thought of them!

J - thanks for your kind words! Though with all those impressively equisite desserts you are making, I doubt you'll have time to make something as humble as these fish cakes..

Paz said...

This looks so simple and good.