Thursday, September 22, 2005

Mexico, here I come!!!

I'm off to my very first cross-Atlantic flight early tomorrow morning and I'm heading to Mexico City. Over the years I've met many lovely Mexicanos & Mexicanas in Edinburgh, and got numerous invitations to visit. As this time one of my Edinburgh friends of 1998/1999 vintage, R, is getting married, I decided to take the plunge and go. I'll be gone for 11 days. The wedding - a 650-people Mexican soap-opera affair!!! - is the night before I return, so I am not sure how soon after getting back to Edinburgh I'm able to blog again;) We'll see.

But it suffices to say that I'm very much looking forward to the trip. I'm staying with my dear friends Angeles & Rafael in Mexico City. Angeles is a very good cook. She has a food technology degree and worked in a small bakery while Rafael was studying in Edinburgh - and I enjoyed many a nice meal at their place in Edinburgh 2000/2001. I'm sure I will be pampered this time as well.

I also anticipate couple of nice meals at Ada & Mauricio's place, my friends of 2001/2002 vintage:) Ada is a professional chef who has contributed to a cookbook about Veracruz food, and she was entertaining quite a lot when her hubby Mauricio was studying for an MBA degree here in Edinburgh. On the side, she also consulted some ready food suppliers on Mexican food, and refreshed and spiked up the menu for one of Edinburgh's Mexican restaurants, Viva Mexico - she even made it to the national newspaper!!! Apart from the numerous dinners at their home, I had also the pleasure of being one of the 'guinea pigs' that was invited to the 'main preview' of the new 3-course menu back in Viva Mexico in August 2002. It was absolutely delicious - and how could one not like it when the chef has taken the concept of 'personal touch' so far:

I will be staying in Mexico City most of the time, and unfortunately cannot travel out of town with neither Angeles or Ada - both of them have just had a baby (first and second child, respectively - and in the first case only last Sunday!). But some of my other friends have volunteered to show me around and maybe even take me to the coast for a couple of days. Who knows, I may be able to recreate the tan on the above picture - acquired during a 2-week conference/holiday on Santorini and Sifnos in Greece in 2002 in time for the wedding:)

But I'm pretty sure I will have lots to write about when I get back! Hasta la vista, amigos!


paz said...

How exciting! Have a wonderful time!


Spinning Girl said...

Hääd reisu!

johanna said...

hi pille, i am very excited for you and can't wait to hear all the stories. i lived in mexico for a year in 1989/90 and have never had a chance to go back since... i absolutely adored the country and particularly the food (gained 25 kg in just 6 months!) and had the most wonderful time of my life there!

Anne said...

Welcome home Pille - you're it! I just tagged you for a meme that's making its way around the food and wine bloggers of the world! I hope you'd like to take part! This is the post that started it all:

and this is my entry:

Hope you had a great time in Mexico!

Pille said...

Paz - thanks! It was much more exciting that it should have been:)

Spinning Girl - suur aitäh! Reis oli tore, kuigi mul on kurb meel, et pulmad ära jäid;(

Johanna - I know how you feel about not being back. I spent a year as an exchange student in Svendborg, Denmark, in 1992/93 and haven't been back either (frequent stopovers at Kastrup airport don't count, I guess). And gaining weight when abroad is also common - I was a skinny girl when I went to Denmark and returned 10 kilos heavier (all of that gained within the first 3 months!) I had loads of wonderful food in Mexico, and will be writing about my food experiences soon!

Anne - tak! And thanks for tagging me for the new meme, I'll try to respond asap..

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if the last comment that i posted will get put on this page so I'll kinda just repeat what i typed in the last one...

I'm pleased that you had a great time in Mexico and VERY envious coz I've wanted to go there for a long time!!! Next time we meet up, you can cook me and Ruxanda some Mexican dishs :)please...hehe

Tom x

Pille said...

Hi Tom, I'd be more than happy to cook something Mexican for you and Rux - all you need to do is to drive up to Scotland;) And if you leave it too late, then you may need to come to Estonia instead. In the chaotic and noisy Mexico it dawned upon me that I'm ready to go back home on a more permanent basis:)