Monday, October 31, 2005

Blue potatoes from Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes

Inspired by two fellow foodbloggers, I picked up a bag of blue potatoes at Edinburgh Farmers’ Market last Saturday. I remember my mum used to grow few plants of Congo Blue potatoes when I was younger, so I’m not totally new to these curiously coloured tubers. But after I saw the glorious pictures that Nicky & Oliver had posted on their delicious:days, and the spooky mash at Lex Culinaria, I couldn’t resist the urge to buy a bag of weirdly coloured potatoes myself.

Lucy & Anthony Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes specialise on pre-1950 potato varieties, and they sell 12 different heritage potatoes at their stall, including two blue potato varieties – Highland Burgundy (1936) and Salad Blue (early 1900s). I bought a bag of latter one and prepared 2 joyful dishes out of them.

One large potato ended up sliced and deep-fried in sunflower oil, sprinkled with Maldon sea salt and dipped into sour cream:

The rest the blue potatoes were first boiled (which, I'm embarrased to admit, was fun, as I really liked looking at the spotty peeled potatoes):

And then they were turned into a mash (with the help of my cute Spudnik), seasoned with Very Garlicky Company’s Mash Seasoning Mixture:

I served the blue mash with chopped cucumbers and spring onions:

I enjoyed eating this purple-blue mash – it had a lovely floury potato-ey taste, with the hint of garlic. I wasn’t the least bothered by the weird and unusual hue of the mash either.

I also imagine kids would enjoy eating this, so I’ll definitely make it again in a few years then:)

Carroll’s Heritage Potatoes
Tiptoe Farm


glutton rabbit said...

Wow, purple-blue mash potatoes... this is a really unique dish... We have purple potatoes here but it didn't occured to me to cook them this way. Thanks for the great idea ;)

Spinning Girl said...

oh my!

Spinning Girl said...

(p.s. jah, need on Setu rahvar6ivad; minu pere on k6ik ikka Saaremaal)

Paz said...

Pille, that does look like fun to make and eat!

Pille said...

Glutton Rabbit - i saw Wallace & Gromit in a cinema last weekend, anything to do with rabbits brings a smile to my face at the moment:) Happy to have inspired - until I saw the blue mash at Lex Culinaria, I never thought of blue mash either..

Spinning Girl - armas lilla puder, onju!?

Paz - it was definitely fun to make and eat! I guess even grown-ups need some colour in their kitchens occasionally..

a juro said...

i want taste it...