Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Cooking Greek (or something like that): feta, tomato and rocket gratin

Here's my Monday supper, a faithful recreation of the recipe for snabba vegolådan* alias quick vegetable gratin from the Swedish dairy producer Arla.

I was quite happy with the result, though I used a totally wrong dish for it (too high and too small). Cooking it in a wide and shallow dish would mean a lot faster and much more presentable dinner..

It's not as much Greek as Greece-inspired. After all, it has feta cheese in it. And tomatoes. And rocket. Which must mean it's Greek after all:)

Feta, tomato and rocket gratin
(Lihtne feta-tomativorm)

3 tomatoes, sliced (and drained, if necessary)
200 grams feta cheese, cubed
a small cup of roughly chopped rocket leaves
4 eggs
a cup of single cream
black pepper

Layer the tomatoes, feta and rocket into a buttered oven dish. (I used yellow and red mini plum tomatoes bought at the Farmers Market for extra colour).
Whisk eggs and cream together, season with salt and pepper. Pour over feta and tomatoes.
Bake in the middle of a 225˚C oven for 30-40 minutes.
Serve with salad.

I think it'll be a nice addition to my expanding list of Greek dinner staples (i.e. to accompany my deconstructed moussaka, papoutsakia, meatballs and my feta-spinach pie that I am yet to write about).

* Note that the picture on the Swedish site is wrong, so I've copy-pasted the original Arla picture here, too (top right).


banonym said...

Delicious!! warm regards from Greece! Here are some herbs: origano and thyme for your Greek inspired cooking!!

Shauna said...


This looks gorgeous. In fact, it looks so good that I put it in my weekly round-up of the best gluten-free recipes of the week. I'm sure that my readers will love this too.

Pille said...

Anthie - I have some Greek origano from Thassos and thyme from Sifnos in my kitchen, so I'm using real Greek herbs already:)

Shauna - thank you for including me in your weekly gluten-free recipes round-up!