Friday, October 14, 2005

Eating Mexican: My first ever hacienda lunch

Well, having already posted two stories about my recent trip to Mexico, it is now time to get back to the beginning. Alias to my first full day in Mexico...

I hadn't enjoyed my flight from Frankfurt to Mexico City at all - it felt absolutely endless. I was dead bored after 2 hours (that's 10 hours too early), I couldn't sleep, I couldn't watch the movies (they were only available in German and Spanish, and although I speak 5 languages, these two are unfortunately not amongst them) and so on. So when I arrived in Ciudad de Mexico, I went pretty much straight to bed. It was only on the next day that my senses were more or less alert and I managed to take the first proper look at the city - first from my bedroom window (above) and then in a car. It was a brief look though, as already before lunch we (alias me together with my wonderful hosts Ada & Mauricio and their newest offspring Pablo, right) headed towards south. Destination: Guernavaca, with lunch in Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas and early evening drink in Taxco.

It took us about 1,5 hours to get to the hacienda, but it was quite impressive. Founded in 1529 for the Spaniard Hernán Cortés, it is today a museum/hotel/resort/spa and a popular place for weddings and large parties. And it has a very nice restaurant where we enjoyed a rather spectacular and tasty meal. My first ever lunch in Mexico was delicious. My first ever hacienda in Mexico was rather grand. I knew this was going to be a lovely holiday... I sat down at the table, enjoyed the view:

... and then allowed Ada and Mauricio to choose from the menu. It's not often that you get to be in the safe hands of two Mexican foodies (one of them a chef). Here are some pictures (click to enlarge!) with short explanations of my first Mexican feast.

These are really delicious nibbles, chilapas with avocado sauce and creamy goat cheese, topped with deep-fried coriander/cilantro. A real favourite of mine! The combination of avocado and goat cheese was a real success.

I was too busy eating and enjoying our starter, tuna dip with chipotle and totopos, that I forgot to take a picture of that one:)

Here's a lovely plate of delicious pollo con mole y arroz alias chicken mole with white rice.

This dish is called arrachera de carne con nopales, which is grilled meat with roasted peppers and cactus.

Here are some quesadillas de queso manchego (on the front, right) and a Mexican pasta dish fideo seco (on the back, left).

This is the original hacienda kitchen, and me proudly posing in that kitchen:

Hacienda San Gabriel de las Palmas
Km 41.8 Carretera Federal Guernavaca - Chilpancingo
Amacuzac, Morelos, México


angelika said...

Hi Pille, I think that is the best way to start a really lovely holiday...simply great ! Tasty and leisurely at the same time. BTW, I have taken a recipe from thepassionatecook which also combines avocado and goat cheese (as a paste for crostini) - and it is indeed what I call a perfect marriage of flavours. Looking forward to reading more, take care, angelika

johanna said...

oh pille, i am time-travelling here... what a beautiful place and what gorgeous food, my mouth is watering. i wish i could go back to my "mexico lindo y querido", the memories and tastes will forever stay in my heart! can't wait to read more...

Paz said...

All the food looks delicious. Wish I had a taste. ;-)

I like the kitchen, too. You make a good-looking model posing in the kitchen.

Your host family look very nice. What a way to start out your arrival!


Pille said...

Angelika - thanks for the hint about Johanna's recipe - I'll definitely check it out!

Johanna - pleased to help you time-travel:) I am overwhelmed with writing articles and research proposals and teaching at the moment, but there is still more to come - especially about huitlacoche:)

Paz - well I may look good in that kitchen, but I'm afraid with all those huge and heavy earthware bowls I'd be totally utterly useless.
And my host family was amazing and most hospitable - I was very very lucky indeed!