Sunday, April 24, 2011

Nami-Nami Easter Brunch 2011

(The post is actually written in January 2013, I just wanted to archive the menu for the traditional event)

This year the Easter Brunch coincided with my birthday, so I had a hard task of designing a menu that would celebrate Easter, spring and my birthday :) Here's what I served - something light, something green and something yellow - to go with my typical Easter menu.

Snow crab (surimi) salad:
Imitation snow crab salad / Surimisalat / Lumekrabisalat

Quail eggs dyed with beetroot:
Quail eggs, dyed with beets / Peediga värvitud vutimunad

Home-made wild garlic cheese and home-made caraway cheese (sõir)
Estonian home cheese with caraway seeds / Köömnesõir Estonian home cheese with wild garlic / Karulaugusõir

Smoked salmon (ordered from MEKK restaurant), served with creamy horseradish cream
Smoked salmon from MEKK / Imemaitsev suitsulõhe restoranist MEKK

Wild garlic pesto with almonds:
Wild garlic pesto / Ramson pesto / Karulaugupesto

Crostini with white cheese and onion marmalade
Crostini with onion marmalade and cheese / Suupisted sibulamoosi ja Saida juustuga

Puff pastry rolls with feta
Fetasnurror / Feta puff pastry wheels / Feta-lehttainarullid

Cannellini beans with tomatoes and onions:
Cannellini with tomatoes / Cannellini oad

Limoncello, coconut and white chocolate tart:
Birthday cake 2011 / Easter cake 2011 (Limoncello, white chocolate, coconut)

Paskha (sorry, no photo for some reason)

The guests brought along some Estonian rye bread, fresh strawberries (imported, of course) and the drinks (Prosecco, white wine, sea-buckthorn juice, freshly squeezed orange juice, water).

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